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Sapphire Czochralski method

RusGems offers created Sapphire, which is produced using the Czochralski method. Only this method enables creation of the large and pure crystals of recrystallized sapphire.

It is almost impossible to distinguish the crystals obtained thus from natural ones by only using simple methods (refractome-ter, polariscope, microscope, spectroscope, etc.). Crystals grown by Czochralski method belong to a group of high-quality expensive synthetic stones, which are also called recreated or cultivated stones (created or cultured gemstones).

Properties Recrystallized Sapphire by RusGems Natural Sapphire
Classification Corundum Corundum
Chemical formula Al2O3 Al2O3
Crystal system Trigonal Trigonal
Hardness (Mohs) 9 9
Density 3.9-4.1 3.9-4.1
Refractive index 1.76-1.77 1.76-1.77
Dispersion 0.018 0.018
Inclusions Free Rutile silk, cracks, inclusions that resemble fingerprints, other minerals and small crystals
Size of crystals Diameter of boules of 10-70 mm, Length of 30-120 mm Typically 1-5mm, Rare 5-10mm
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