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Garnet Czochralski method

Yttrium Aluminium Garnets (YAG) belong to a group of specially developed materials, which have been used in quantum electronics equipment and laser technology since the mid-20th century. Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet is the Y3Al2(AlO4)3 oxide, which has a cubic crystal structure of natural garnet. Therefore, YAG is simply called a synthetic garnet.

YAG has a greater hardness and density than natural garnet and soon become popular in the jewelry market. Thanks to its high dispersion and refractive index, colorless YAG has been used to imitate diamonds. However, YAG quickly lost its popularity after the advent of cheaper cubic zirconias. But fashion trends regarding synthetic stones keep changing in the jewelry market and buyers are now looking for more interesting, bright, beautiful and unusual materials with exceptional optical properties.

Accordingly, RusGems resumed production of colored synthetic garnets. The most popular garnets have a mint-green color corresponding to the top color of the natural green garnet tsavorite as well as a bright yellow color, which has no natural analogues.

Properties YAG by RusGems
Chemical formula Y3Al2(AlO4)3
Crystal system Cubic
Hardness (Mohs) 8.5
Density 4.5
Refractive index 1.82
Double refraction No
Dispersion 0.028
Melting point, °С 1950, can be used with other stones when casting technology is employed
Inclusions Inclusions free
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YAG Tsavorite
YAG Green
YAG Blue
YAG Orange
YAG Pink
YAG Neon Yellow
YAG Yellow
YAG Lavender
YAG White
YAC Paraiba
YAC Green
YAC Pink
YAC Neon Yellow