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Created Gems

Recreated or recrystallized gems by RusGems. A smart choice for practical people.

Here, we provide information for jewelry buyers who appreciate the beauty of stones. If you are looking for natural and expensive stones, then please don’t read any further.

How often do we want to buy jewelry with a fine gemstone? Something unknown appeals to our instincts. You may wish to buy this beautiful gift of nature but may be put off by the high price. However, do not give up - you can still purchase another type of gemstone at a very affordable price. It may be a different color to the gemstone you originally spotted and may be a little smaller or not shine as bright as the expensive gemstone does.

However, the stones we are offering are still good quality and very different from the poor quality, cheap imitations which can be found in almost any market.

RusGems offers gemstones made from recreated natural crystals. These are the most appropriate choice for practical people – and this is the reason why:

Emerald by RusGems

The emerald pictured above is one of the rarest and expensive Colombian color, which has been recrystallized using RusGems technology. Its weight is 23 carats and costs 1 380 US dollars. A green emerald of the same size and quality, which has been obtained from a mine, will cost around 25 000 to 30 000 US dollars per carat! At the same time, it won't differ from the RusGems crystal recreated using natural technology. All the physical, chemical and optical properties of this crystal will be completely identical to those of the natural gemstone. Even experienced gems-lovers will have difficulty finding fault with it.

Thanks to its patented technologies, RusGems covers the entire range of colored recreated natural gemstones such as Colombian and classic emeralds, multicolored sapphires, tanzanites, a wide range of beryls as well as pink, red and blue spinel. Our technologies have been developed with care to achieve any color variation in any of the above-mentioned materials as well as color minerals into any atypical colors.

Technically speaking, growth of RusGems crystals is accelerated in the laboratory. However, natural precious beryls, sapphires, spinel and emeralds of non-jewelry quality are used as the source materials. The latter implies not creation, but rather "recrystallization" or "recreation" of natural materials. To identify such stones, potential buyers should contact certified gemological laboratories only, which use special equipment. But even when we are 100% certain that an artificial stone is completely similar to a natural one, we never present our products as natural gemstones. Instead, we prefer the use of terms such as "recreated" or "recrystallized" stones which accurately reflect the nature of origin of such stones.

What role do recreated crystals play in modern jewelry? Most of all, this is a segment that offers expensive and stylish as well as easily available jewelry. This is a segment for those who desire meaningful acquisitions and brand new decorations but can also appeal to those with bold futuristic ideas or who yearn for the forgotten classics. Recreated crystals offer a beauty which is not oppressive in terms of modern luxury standards but allows buyers an opportunity to create a perfect jewelry collection series without any physical limitations. More importantly, this segment makes jewelry more accessible and affordable and thus more popular.

Gemstones by RusGems represent a source of natural beauty available at reasonable prices.